Tantsuyoga is Harold Dull's latest inspiration for sharing Tantsu® in a community form world-wide.  Tantsuyoga is for everybody.

Yoga means union. In Tantsuyoga, we cradle someone from the back as they lie on their side on a mat or table, one on one, or two on one, or three in a round.  Each person takes turns being the "holder", the "held" and the "guide." The guide's  support helps the holder stay present with his/her contact with the held as he keeps his eyes closed.

Tantsuyoga incorporates seven holds and moves to celebrate various aspects of union.

Clear step-by-step instructions for three people to learn and join in a simple round are posted at tantsuyoga.com.

In the advanced rounds in our classes and Tantsuyoga by Two, the way our breath is drawn up each time the one between our arms breathes, and the "celebrations" can connect us deeply so that  we are spontaneously drawn into moves and stretches.  Into a dance of exploration that our guide joins.

In Tantsuyoga by Two, the  exploration continues a step further to include exploration on the "held's" second side as the two (holder  under the head and guide  at the hip)  coordinate their moves and stretches so closely that they become ONE holding the one between them. This containment can make a 30 minute session by two equally as profound than 60 minutes by one.

-Harold Dull

WATSU® and TANTSU® are registered trademarks assigned to Harold Dull.