TANTSU® is a relaxing and stress relieving bodywork practice that can be received in a therapeutic context, or shared for enjoyment and connection between family and friends. 

A Tantsu session includes whole body holding (Tantsu cradles) , passive stretching, shiatsu pressure, massage techniques,  contact of the energetic body, spontaneous movement and non-verbal communication. Tantsu is an opportunity to relax into non-sexual, safe intimate contact. Tantsu's “cradles”, positions in which our whole body comfortably holds and moves with the receiver’s body, create a sensation of deep containment in which it is safe relax and open to a new state of wellness. 

Tantsu was created over 30 years ago by California poet and visionary bodyworker, Harold Dull, as a land-based complementary practice to his original creation of Watsu®, whole body holding and massage in warm water.

Tantsu can be practiced anywhere, with nearly every kind of person, from babies to the elderly, in loose clothing.

Three "expressions" of Tantsu include the original form of Core Tantsu, the new evolution community-based Tantsuyoga and one-on-one sessions by trained professional Tantsu practitioners. . .

WATSU® and TANTSU® are registered trademarks assigned to Harold Dull.