Tantsu is a new way to be with others, a new humanism, a way to access and share our creative joy in the interplay of whole body holding, breath, movement and stillness. It has been described as a "meditation-in-two.

Core Tantsu® includes 5 specific cradles as well as "finishing moves" that are derived from Zen Shiatsu.

The first two cradles you will learn in a Basic Tantsu or Core Tantsu class are the Posterior Cradle and the Anterior Cradle.  The intention of these cradles is to provide a safe containment at the base of the receiver's body and a gentle possibility for the receiver to enjoy contact, connected breath, stretching, pressure points and deep rest.

Once comfortable with the Posterior and Anterior cradles, one may continue to Tantsu’s more intimate cradles.  The Spoon, the Sacrum Cradle and the Lounge Cradle.  Through constant and well intentioned support of the base, these cradles help to cultivate vital life force energy and channel for abundant daily energy, creative expression and vibrant health.

Tantsu’s benefits include:  Balancing the nervous system, which harmonizes all of the body’s vital processes-  Increases immune system functioning-  Creates a positive environment for the body’s own healing process-  Promotes deeper breathing-  Relaxes muscular tension-   Relaxes lower back and neck tension  - Encourages health circulation of blood -  Helps to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins by encouraging movement of lymph fluid- Relieves pre-menstrual tension-  Increases vital energy-  Promotes deep and restful sleep-  Creates a flow of energy that balances anxiety and insomnia-   Provides a restful support for individuals in recovery from accident or surgery or during treatment for chronic illnesses-  Relieves mental tension and fatigue-  Promotes a healthy emotional response to stressful situations.

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